Cantilever Bridge

Cantilever Bridge with a Splint

Sometimes patient has only one missing tooth but one of the teeth adjacent  to space is weakened by large filling placed after root canal treatment done previously and needs full coverage by a crown.

In this clinical condition Dr. Klimek presents patient with treatment options :

  1. Crown over the weak tooth and implant to replace missing tooth.
  2. Conventional Bridge Two abutments and one pontic for missing tooth.
  3. Cantilever Bridge with splint.

The Cantilever Bridge with a splint was designed and improved over the years by Dr. Klimek and has been very successful for over 16 years.

This is formed by a pontic (artificial tooth) attached to the crown on one side and supported by a metal loop embedded in the adjacent tooth by the use of composite bonding. Only one of the teeth adjacent to the gap needs to be prepared for the crown.

Those patients had one congenitally missing tooth and the tooth next to the space needed a crown.
The Cantilever Bridge with composite splint was conservative and successful restoration.

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