Sports injury to front teeth

Here’s why doctors recommend bicycle helmets

Remember that a few years ago, hockey players never wore helmets. Than a few players began to wear them. Then a few more. Now they’re mandatory – even for professionals.

It’s the same with bicycle helmets. Today fewer than Canadian children wear helmets while riding bicycles. But the has started. Because there is a danger.

In 1987 there were 75 bicycle death in the 0 to 19 age of group in Canada, and hundreds of other bicycle-related injuries. Fewer than 20% of reported bicycle accidents involve collision with cars; most injuries occur in falls from bikes, or as a result of riders loosing control. Kids needs helmets at all times, not just when they are riding on the streets.

Bicycle accidents are the most common cause of head injury in children.

Head injuries can be far more serious than injuries to the other part of the body. They cause 80% of bicycle- related death, are more likely to result in serious injury  and can lead to brain damage.

Why dentists recommend Athletic Mouthguards

Oral injuries occur much more frequently than most of us would like to believe. In fact oral trauma is the most common type of orofacial injury sustained during participation in athletic activities. In report in the Journal of Pediatric Dentistry clearly indicates the extent of the problem. Interviews involving 2470 U.S. junior and senior high school athletes revealed than nine percent of all players suffered some form of oral injury while another three percent reported loss of consciousness. It has been estimated in another studies that millions of teeth are lost annually across North America during sporting activities. These injuries can occur at any age : child, teenager, college level or adult.

An intraoral mouthguard is an important part of total program of dental care. Whether protecting natural dentition or recent cosmetic or restorative work, this simple appliance helps protect beautiful smiles quickly and inexpensively.

This boy did not wear a helmet when he rode his bicycle.
Wearing a protective helmet an mouthguard would have prevented this injury.

Broken tooth was repaired by direct bonded composite

Hockey stick injury


Brocken teeth were restored with posts and porcelain crowns.

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